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NCEP Forward Ensemble Sensitivity Analysis as of 10/28/2017 00Z

Current MSLP and Differences from Previous Ensemble Run (10/27/2017 12Z) for North American Domain
Forecast Days

Region for calculating initial error:

if you wish to change the location of the floater, please Click Here (password protected)

Graphics to help select FWD sensitivity initial box:

1) ana-12hr fcst difference
2) Mean+Spread at initial time
3) NCEP Eastern US sensitivity (PC1) using Z500
FCST days:

Graphics of FWD sensitivity from day 0 to day 6:

Projection 1
Using 10/28/2017 00Z as base
MSLP 500 hPa
Projection 2
Using 10/27/2017 12Z as base
MSLP 500 hPa
Day 0-6